Financing Services

Keep your Operations and IT projects moving forward with our financing options.

Our unique financing platform allows us to source your financing needs collaboratively with over 100 partners.  We are able to help improve your cashflow position with financing operational projects, and IT projects alike.  We finance the following projects:

  • New Software Purchases including EMR, PACS, VNA, LAB systems
  • New Hardware Purchases: Data Centers, Infrastructure, Workstations
  • IT Upgrades & Optimization Projects: EMR and Ambulatory projects, PACS and VNA projects, Telemedicine Projects
  • Operations Equipment: Surgical suite remodeling, Imaging equipment such as CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Xray, Lab machines
  • Restructure your existing financing to improve cash flow

Our financing program has over a 98% approval rating. As your partner, we will work with your CFO and financial team to provide the financing options you need for success.  

Examples of IT Projects Funded

  • $15 million Enterprise Imaging system design and implementation at 40 hospital IDN – , includes VNA, data center hardware and storage refresh with PACS universal viewers and contract labor for 4 year project.
  • $4.9 million PACS purchase bundled with VNA purchase.  Project includes $700,000 implementation and support labor – contractors.
  • $750,000 PowerScribe license expansion with upgrade.  System optimization includes contractor labor for project management.
  • $10 million data center infrastructure refresh includes vm, storage, servers, network equipment, contract labor.
  • Enterprise disaster recovery projects with high availability – data center & cloud integration funding.
  • Software licensing purchases and expansions.
  • Enterprise hardware refresh – iphones, ipads, laptops, workstations, large displays, media communications.

Examples of Operations Projects Funded

  • $5 million multiple CT and MRI system purchase including trade-ins.
  • $80,000 ultrasound purchase.
  • Interventional Radiology suite expansion.
  • $900,000 Cardiovascular equipment purchases and replacements.
  • $800,000 Lab Hemo analyzer replacements.


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