Your Problem: “My PACS is unable to display the legacy Hologic SCO Tomo images. I have to continue to read and compare from the Hologic Securview.”

Our Solution: We migrate your Hologic SCO data and convert it to BTO Breast Tomosynthesis Objects.

If you were an early adopter of Hologic Tomosynthesis for breast imaging, then you likely have some early tomosynthesis data stored in Hologic’s proprietary SCO format in your PACS or VNA.  Due to the limitations of most PACS not being able to display the SCO format, it is best practice to convert the SCO data to BTO format.

We convert Hologic SCO to BTO and perform Hologic SCO to BTO migrations.  This conversion is to make legacy Hologic tomo exams readable and viewable in other vendor systems.

By leveraging our ImageSync platform, we can quickly convert the legacy SCO format into the industry standard BTO format.  We offer two methods to convert the studies to BTO format: On Demand or Full Migration and Conversion.

Our project team will work with your PACS team and even consult with your vendors, to ensure complete data conversion and the efficacy of the converted data.  We strive to provide the highest level of data accuracy, and will ensure our process is controlled and even provide the ability to throttle the conversion to minimize impact to the production PACS, VNA, reading workstations and all imaging channels in the breast reading workflow.

Industry best practices + Industry best tools = Industry leading results

SCO to BTO Migration and Conversion Use Cases

  • Customers who have previously acquired tomo as SCO datasets.
  • Customers who are currently acquiring as SCO datasets.
  • Customers who import outside Hologic tomo studies in SCO format – need to convert to BTO to view on PACS.
  • Customers who want to read off PACS and stop paying for EXPENSIVE vendor reading workstations.
  • Customers who want to read remotely and cannot afford an expensive vendor workstation at home.
  • Radiology groups who read for multiple hospital systems and want to read breast imaging remotely from a universal viewer.

Our Hologic SCO to BTO Conversion & Migration Solutions

On Demand – When Requested, As Needed, On Time Conversion

Our data migration team can setup an On Demand Hologic SCO conversion.  This On Demand conversion is where we receive the study from PACS and convert it On Demand.  This is typically when the study is being requested by the reading work station.  This is a typical workflow for when the patient is returning for a routine annual screening or as part of follow up imaging.

Full Archive Conversion– We Convert All the SCO Data In Bulk

We will work with your team and perform the full conversion of your Hologic SCO data.  This will convert the full data set from your PACS or VNA as quickly and safely as possible.  The Full Conversion is part of our standard DICOM data migration evaluation process when we are engaged in a PACS or VNA migration.

Our Specialty

We understand the importance of having an easy method to access your DICOM data, particularly during a merger or acquisition. We work hard to ensure that your full-service data needs are met.

DICOM Cleaning – We will clean the DICOM header, remove special characters, standardize procedure codes, procedure names, and many other custom data cleaning algorithms to allow for cohesive data ingestion and deep data analytics.

Migrate As-You-Go – On-demand requests – converting exams as needed.

Any Image, Any Time, On Demand – During a merger or acquisition, there are often multiple imaging repositories where medical images are stored; multiple PACS, multiple VNAs, multiple EMR integrations.  We can implement our internal image retrieval solutions and allow for studies to be pulled on demand based upon a patient visit, a new patient order, or directly on demand from the PACS.

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