Why Choose Healthcare Tech Solutions?

We work to solve workflow & IT challenges so your medical professionals can focus on what is most important:
The well-being of patients.

Comprehensive Advisors & Strategists

Our leadership team has over 40 years of experience at industry-leading healthcare institutions. We ensure our teams are at the leading edge of technology and have the latest tools and training available so we can provide world-class levels of support to your healthcare team.

At Healthcare Tech Solutions, our knowledgeable, vetted, consultants have extensive clinical IT experience. We understand that each healthcare facility has its own unique requirements and long-term goals. To meet your needs, we craft our specialized IT integration plan with careful consideration of budget, timeline, and your facility’s goals.

Committed & Detail-Oriented Professionals

We understand that healthcare never stops. With our flexible support, we are there when you need us. We can provide support on-call, after hours, and during split-shifts. We have 24×7 project management and hardware implementation support.

Healthcare Tech Solutions understands the complex needs of medical facilities extend beyond equipment. To ensure a seamless integration, we consider the experience of medical professionals in their day-to-day interactions with our systems.

Practiced Innovators & Forward Thinkers

Our team is looking to the future. We provide efficient systems and solutions that revolutionize the technology used in healthcare. We understand the challenges that face healthcare facilities today and are hard at work to solve them. From cardiology to radiology, and beyond, our goal is to make healthcare technology work for you.


At Healthcare Tech Solutions, we provide the Healthcare IT Solutions that you need using our best practices model. We work with your unique goals, timeline, budget, and staff to implement meaningful change that improves your healthcare practice. We are able to provide both the products and consulting services you need to fully engage in improving your IT systems.

OUR MISSION: Healthcare Tech Solutions adds meaningful value to your team by providing cutting-edge IT solutions and expert consulting that drives the vision of healthcare facilities nationwide.

Innovative Solutions

Our experience and industry-specific knowledge ensure that our solutions are right for you. We work hard to find beneficial solutions that are cost-effective and the best value for our customers without sacrificing performance quality

Free Support

We offer free comprehensive support when you purchase your products from us. We are your partner, and we will be your trusted advisor for all hardware and software related support.

Extended warranties!

We offer complete and comprehensive warranties on all of our products.

A Partnership That Seeks To Understand

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive knowledge and industry-leading technology. We seek to bring these tools to you so that your healthcare facility can have the best IT system available, which allows for better and faster healthcare. We seek to understand how your system currently operates, and then work to implement a plan that is tailored to your needs. We aim to provide what is actually beneficial to you – we do not sell products will not help your facility’s healthcare providers and long-term IT needs.

Loyalty To Our Customers

We put our customers first. From large, multi-facility hospitals to privately-owned clinics, we work to provide you with the top-notch services and advisors to facilitate your IT success. To best serve you, we are continuously working with our partners to secure the best pricing and offer the best value for our customers.

Leadership Team

Jeffrey Stai

Jeffrey Stai

Keith Eklund

Keith Eklund

Vice President

Some of Our Satisfied Customers


Healthcare Tech Solutions helped us with our Dicom conversion issues when our other vendors could not. They are extremely knowledgeable about the Dicom standard and their work was professional and timely
Jennifer Fall,
CIO Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

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