Heartbeat™ Proactive DICOM & HL7 Monitoring

“Thank you for building this. Heartbeat™ is the tool that EVERY PACS Admin has been waiting for!”


“I used to receive a phone call from our radiologists that “PACS IS SLOW!”  Now, with Heartbeat™ our PACS admin can identify and resolve the issue BEFORE the radiologists call!  Heartbeat is a huge radiologist time & productivity saver!”

– Radiology Director 

Heartbeat™ Technology at a Glance

Heartbeat™ by Intelligent Imaging is a proactive monitoring solution that provides an early warning system for your enterprise medical imaging system’s performance. Anytime, day or night, you will know when slowdowns begin, when source modalities or PACS stop providing images, and when servers go offline. Heartbeat™ includes specific, configurable messaging to the IT team, enabling proactive efforts to help avoid patient treatment risks caused by everyday system issues. The solution uniquely monitors, succinctly notifies and assists in troubleshooting across your entire medical imaging environment. Heartbeat™ benchmarks normal operations while the analytics tools and reporting package identifies trending performance issues by each device.

Intelligent Imaging Heartbeat – DICOM & HL7 Troubleshooting Simplified

What makes Heartbeat™ unique?

Using our patent-pending design, Heartbeat™ sends synthetic imaging transactions to every imaging system as well as off-site acquisition and reading locations. This allows organizations to identify issues on any server, at any site across the imaging ecosystem. By creating transactions that are sent to the devices, Heartbeat™ tests each link in the chain, identifying issues before they reach end users. Heartbeat™ even tests servers behind a load-balancer, detecting issues that are normally hidden from IT purview. This enables IT support to deliver quicker resolutions, resulting in higher uptimes and meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Unlike other monitoring systems, Heartbeat™ proactively sends transactions out instead of waiting for data to trickle in. This allows Heartbeat™ to detect issues hours – if not days – before they would typically be reported.

DICOM and HL7 Monitoring

Heartbeat™ is much more than existing monitoring tools that ping servers or check to see that services are running. Heartbeat™ generates synthetic transactions that are fully compliant, real and anonymous DICOM studies and HL7 transactions. Heartbeat™ tests the full workflow of imaging systems by automatically sending studies and messages to test each step in the workflow. Initiating a DICOM store and Query/Retrieve ensures that each server is ready when it is needed, and each device is checked for slowdowns. Similarly, for HL7 testing, Heartbeat™ sends an ADT message, then an order. This is followed by a unique DICOM study and an ORU result. Heartbeat™ ensures that not only are HL7 messages received (ACK) but that they are processed and the system is ready for patients. By testing each step in the workflow, Heartbeat™ monitors each system the way it is actually used in normal operations.

  • DICOM servers behind load balancers or content switch?  No problem, Heartbeat can monitor which DICOM server is not receiving images.
  • DICOM Modality Worklist issues?  Heartbeat can identify slowdowns, poor performance, and incomplete workflows.
  • Identify Issues before they are reported.
  • Text and Email Notifications directly to your support team.
  • Reduce Imaging System downtimes to minutes, not hours.
  • Imaging System Support Simplified.

The Complete Medical Imaging Support Solution.

By combining Heartbeat with VNASync, we streamline the support for your imaging ecosystem.