PACS & VNA Advisory & Consulting Services

Technology in healthcare is an ever-evolving, yet integral part, to providing efficient and effective patient care. Our strategic advisory team, implementation consultants, and support specialists work with the most cutting-edge information & technology to bring success to your healthcare providers.

We Provide:

When two or more healthcare facilities merge, Healthcare Tech Solutions is there to make sure that all of your IT services align so providers are able to focus on patient care during the business transition. We facilitate duplication reduction within systems to help you control costs.
When a healthcare facility upgrades from one system to another, it is important to have reliable, trained resources available to facilitate the transition. While your current staff is training and implementing the new system, Healthcare Tech Solutions can provide the staff backfill to support your legacy system.
Healthcare Tech Solutions is there when your staff needs someone to turn to. We provide the consultants and advisors that your team needs during a Go-Live. We can provide as many, or as few, consultants as your go-live demands – a typical large-scale Go-Live can require over 350 consultants!
At Healthcare Tech Solutions, we have over 15 years of experience working with vendors and distributors to negotiate contracts. Our experience in evaluating maintenance contracts reduces your spend by 12-15%, on average. We hold vendors accountable to their terms and conditions, seek to reduce duplication of support, and negotiate better terms for renewals.
We evaluate the current systems that your Radiologists & Cardiologists use, so we are able to improve them. With an updated, streamlined system, your physicians can provide accurate reads in less time, reduce unproductive time, reduce department slowdowns, and increase the time for collaboration with referring physicians.
Health Care Tech Solutions has the knowledgeable and expert advisory, implementation, and support service team to provide the IT foundation that you need. Our flexible consultants provide onsite, remote, off hours, and on-call support based on your project’s requirements.

Advisory & Consultation: Needs Analysis

At Healthcare Tech Solutions, we understand the need for streamlined, simple IT processes that actually improve the experience of healthcare providers, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes. We work hard to ensure that your goals are met.

The Need:

You want to provide a higher standard of care, improve patient outcomes, and improve patient satisfaction.

The Solution:

Our team provides expert levels of industry experience to guide you in identifying weakness in both systems and processes that are costing your facility valuable time and resources. Early engagement allows our team to understand the distinctions and nuances of your health system’s culture, your internal and cross-functional team synergy and allows us to identify critical gaps in the T&T Bridge – the technology and team bridge. This T&T bridge is the ability of your team to embrace the new technology and workflow successfully. Healthcare Tech Solutions is there every step of the way to ensure strategy success.

The Need:

You need to bridge the T&T (Technology & Team) Gap

The Solution:

Our trusted advisors identify the T&T gaps and provide recommendations for filling them with our implementation team. The Bridge is built by our support team, user training, support strategies, and IT service level policies.

The Need:

Your staff needs to understand the new system to be able to flawlessly integrate their day-to-day care.

The Solution:

While our Implementation Team is working hard to implement the solutions, we are also providing on the job training and elevating the knowledge base of your team to be successful in the long run. We work diligently and patiently to get your staff to a level where they are able to provide better support internally. We give you the tools to be able to perform on your own – but we are always only a call away for any question that may arise.

At Health Care Tech Solutions, we understand how technology drives the success of healthcare teams. Let us be your go-to for your comprehensive IT Solutions.

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