SORNA Vertex Cloud Share

Vertex Cloud Share – Sharing made simple!  Vertex shares images via a cloud transfer to the patient.  This is the ultimate in quick, efficient, and secured image sharing.  The patient receives an email link and a text message.  Using the password in the text, the patient can easily stream the study.  There is no data stored in the cloud and no setup for the patient!

Share medical images, reports, jpegs, documents, any data can be shared!

Share with patients, referring physicians, or other facilities.  An easy to use solution for complex data problems!

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Vertex Cloud Sharing Demo – See how easy it is!

What can you share?  – Anything you want!

  1. Medical Images (DICOM; CT, Xray, MRI, Ultrasound, Mammo, Tomo, Echo, etc)
  2. Medical Images (Non-DICOM; jpeg, tif, png,)
  3. Medical Video (Surgical Procedures, avi, mpeg, flv, etc)
  4. Patient Order and History Documents (doc, pdf, html, txt)
  5. Patient followup instructions, documents, pictures, and videos

How do you share? –  3 Easy Steps!

  1. Using Vertex; combine, edit, and package the data to be shared.
  2. Select Vertex Share, enter email address(es) or select from the list.
  3. Choose any additional destinations; click submit.

How do they access? – Fast and Secure!

  1. Receive the email with a time-sensitive link to the data package.
  2. Click on the link and input password to gain access to the content.
  3. Select data format and viewer; click Download.

How does Vertex Share benefit your organization? – Multiple Benefits Over the Competition!

  • Increased Patient Satisfaction
  • Very low cost per image shared – significant cost savings versus other image sharing solutions
  • Shared data is held locally and streamed on demand through the Vertex Share cloud.
  • On Demand Streaming minimizes upload bandwidth requirements
  • Nothing is stored in the cloud! Eliminates cloud storage and maintenance costs.
  • Since nothing is stored in the cloud – significantly reduces security risks.
  • Share everything the patient wants:
    • DICOM studies
    • Scanned documents
    • Patient Order & History Information
    • Patient Reports
    • Medical Records
    • Pictures & Video
    • Any other digital content
  • All data is combined by Vertex into a single package ready for sharing.
  • Packaged data can be sent to multiple Destinations (CD, USB, …) under the same job – eliminating duplication of effort.
  • No account set up is necessary for recipients – simplify their process, save time and support.

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