Ensure Your Medical Imaging Archives are Synchronized

  • Are you confident medical images stored on your PACS and VNA archives are all in sync?
  • Can you identify missing imaging studies and reports across your PACS and VNA?
  • Can you ensure that missing medical images do not present a risk to patients?
  • Do you have limited archive queue failure oversight?
  • Have you experienced archive QA/QC workflow shortfalls?

Chances are high that one or more of these challenges are impacting your organization. This is typically because of inadequate support for the IHE profile Image Object Change Management (IOCM).

DICOMSync Makes it Easy to Answer These Questions

DICOMSync simplifies the ability to visualize and quantify the scope of mismatched and inaccessible studies across all medical imaging archives. It revolutionizes how DICOM Archives are synchronized.

  • Easily Reconcile Missing Images
  • Enable VNA Access to all Image Data
  • Ensure Consistent Image Data Across Systems
  • Improve Radiologist Productivity
DICOMSync Diagram

Image Inconsistency is More Common Than You Think

Patient Risk

Eliminate that risk with DICOMSync!

It is a common practice for hospitals and Imaging centers to share copies of images among different organizations and clinical IT systems. At the same time, it is common to modify studies by:

  • Adding studies or images in PACS
  • Wholly or partially deleted in PACS
  • Processing it on an advanced 3D or AI workstation
  • Merging it into another study or split into multiple studies
  • Updating its demographics

These workflow requirements create a risk of confusion, error, or data loss.

We are your trusted advisors.

Healthcare Tech Solutions is your all-encompassing resource for medical imaging IT. With DICOMSync, we streamline the work for your teams, so that patient care – not tech troubleshooting – is the focus for your healthcare providers.