You want to provide top-notch, efficient care for your patients. We facilitate your workflow to make this a reality. Our experienced consultants and specialists work with the most cutting-edge information & technology to bring success to your team.

Our firm provides a full line of services to ensure that your healthcare facility is running at peak ability and full functionality.

Implementation & Support Services

Our Advisory services do a deep-dive into your current systems to identify areas of improvement. Our Implementation and Support Services facilitate the success of these improvements.

Samples of Our Strategic Solutions:

  • Full re-architecture of Enterprise Imaging Systems to support the latest available technologies : We work hard to minimize future downtime and reduce support costs, saving you time & money.
  • Design and implementation of full Disaster Recovery (DR) sites : Health Care Tech Solutions supports 100% of the features and performance, ensuring system availability in the event of major disasters
  • Implementation of new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems : We work with industry standard companies such as Epic, Cerner, and more.
  • Implementation of new voice recognition systems : We work to meet the needs of our clients with companies such as Nuance PowerScribe 360.
  • RFP & System Selection : We have experience with Clinical EMRs, PACS, VNAs, and Universal Viewer.

We evaluate the systems that your Radiologists & Cardiologists use and work to improve the systems. This process facilitates accurate reads in less time, reduce unproductive time, reduce department slowdowns, and increases the time for collaboration with referring physicians.

We partner with your providers & clinic staff to provide end-to-end solutions that will improve your workflow, and ultimately, the patient experience.

Our advisors have decades of experience with complex enterprise level systems including EMRs, RIS, CVIS, PACS, VNAs, and voice recognition solutions. Some of our recent engagements involved systems within the following clinical specialties: Radiology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Surgery, Teleradiology, and Telemedicine.

One System. One Solution. One Resource

You Need:

To implement the latest IT solutions to your facility with knowledgeable experts who will support you beyond the initial implementation process.

Our Solution:

We understand the workflow needs of your clinical environment and can integrate technology to seamlessly support your workflow. We go above and beyond to meet your clinic or hospitals needs because patient care can’t be paused for IT trouble.

You Need:

Offsite PACS Storage for Online/Offline and Disaster Recovery. When disaster strikes, you need the confidence that your data is safe & sound.

Our Solution:

Our cloud-based PACS solution is your all-encompassing solution for your Disaster Recovery needs. Our highly available, very affordable DR solution has multiple data centers strategically located in the Midwest to ensure your data is protected.

You Need:

Pacs Workflow and PACS Integration solutions that work, and offer long-term support.

Our Solution:

Our team of consultants can facilitate everything from resolving complex workflow challenges and highly technical architecture changes to helping you support your day-to-day operations.

Our People. Your Success

Healthcare Tech Solutions has been a key player in the implementation of IT solutions for several major hospitals, mergers and acquisitions nationwide.

A Sample of Our Clinical Project Teams

  • Epic Implementation Teams
  • Epic Optimization Teams
  • Radiology RIS / PACS Teams
  • Cardiology CVIS / PACS Teams
  • VNA Implementation Teams
  • Data Migration Teams

Our management and implementation team has a wellspring of knowledge on Implementing PACS, Consolidating PACS, Optimizing PACS, Workflow optimization, Modality worklist cutover from RIS to EMR enabled, Image Enabling the Enterprise, VNA, Image Sharing Solutions.

A Sample of Our Clinical Imaging Projects

  • Modality cutover from a RIS or PACS provided modality worklist to EPIC provided Modality Worklist. Our team moved 1200 radiology modalities (CT ,MR, NM, US, CR, DR, DX, MG,+) to Epic Provided Worklist – team of 2 FSE’s and 1 Radiant Analyst. We moved them in 12 weeks (Siemens, GE, Fuji, Acuson, Toshiba,DEL Medical,+)
  • Multiple VNA selection and implementation (RFP requirements, performance matrix, RFP, storage solutions, integration with 3rd party apps)
  • Multiple Universal Viewer selection and implementation (Vendor matrix of potential viewers that can display Radiology and Cardiology seamlessly in a zero download browser)
  • Image Sharing System selection and implementation
  • Multiple PowerScribe360 (PS360) implementations with multiple radiology groups
  • Multiple DICOM Data Migrations (recently completed a 13 million exam migration for a large health system in Texas)
  • Convert 60 physicians offices to enterprise Epic Ambulatory and Radiant workflow with enterprise RIS/PACS.
  • Disaster Recovery and High Availability PACS implementation for large multi-site health care organizations (planning for multiple vna streams from multiple PACS at Multiple data centers)
  • Designed and implemented CVIS and PACS at nationally recognized Heart Hospital CVIS and PACS
  • Implemented and Supported teleradiology solutions for Global Outreach in a Nationally recognized hospital
  • Implemented our cloud based PACS for a well respected Cardiology practice for TeleCardiology reading.

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