At Healthcare Tech Solutions, we have the experience and software to migrate your data quickly and efficiently. We make it simple so that you can focus on patient care.

We use industry-leading software and tools to migrate your data.

Industry best practices + Industry best tools = Industry leading results

We go above and beyond traditional system vendors by ensuring all of your data is transferred by finding and correcting missing data between disparate PACS, multiple reading radiology groups, reading PACS, and multiple VNAs. In our work, we have found thousands of missing studies that clients have thought lost forever. Our strategies enabled us to restore these studies ensuring our clients were able to provide the best, most informed, care for their patients.

Whether you are working within a Merger and Acquisition and need to retain legacy data or are working to synchronize imaging data across multiple platforms, we are the experts in DICOM Migration.

Our Data Migration Solutions

Full Service – Our Hands-On, Your Hands-Off, Approach

Our data migration team includes a project manager and data migration expert devoted to your project for the duration of the project. We chair standing weekly meetings for the duration of the migration, and even daily meetings as required to ensure the customer is engaged, informed, and updated on the status and progress of the migration. We will provide daily migration status reports via email.

Limited Migration – We Can Help You Migrate The Data

We will install, configure, and schedule the migration with your staff. Your staff can migrate the data on their timeline with our support. We will provide the training and support to help you migrate your data on an as-needed basis to help you save on costs.

Our Specialty

We understand the importance of having an easy method to access your DICOM data, particularly during a merger or acquisition. We work hard to ensure that your full-service data needs are met.

DICOM Cleaning – We will clean the DICOM header, remove special characters, standardize procedure codes, procedure names, and many other custom data cleaning algorithms to allow for cohesive data ingestion and deep data analytics.

Migrate As-You-Go – On-demand requests – prefetching exams as needed.

Any Image, Any Time, On Demand – During a merger or acquisition, there are often multiple imaging repositories where medical images are stored; multiple PACS, multiple VNAs, multiple EMR integrations.  We can implement our internal image retrieval solutions and allow for studies to be pulled on demand based upon a patient visit, a new patient order, or directly on demand from the PACS.

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